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Artificial Turf Installed For Your Pets

Best pet turf Las Vegas

Are you looking for the best pet turf on the market? Always Green Turf Pet System is your solution. Not only does it look great, it also provides a safe area for your pet to play. Many of our customers are looking for a solution for their real grass problems. Here are a few things to know about our turf for pets.

Our turf stays clean and intact

Let’s face it. We all love our dogs and love to see them having fun. Dogs enjoy rolling in the grass and fetching on it as well.  Our pet turf is durable and clean. It also has a specialized drainage system that allows water to pass through to the soil below. It eliminates the muddy conditions after a random rain and keeps your dog clean as it plays or uses the bathroom.

Our turf is safe for your pets

Caring for a real lawn takes time and effort. The money that you need to spend on fertilizers, growth regulators and pest control products such as insecticides and weed killers. Weeds ruin your lawn’s appearance and are not enjoyable to pull.  Installing our great product prevents harmful weeds from growing in your landscape. Some weeds are bad for a pet to ingest. Also, the chemicals used to kill weeds are not always safe for a pet to be around. Your dog will be protected as it ventures outdoors with our great turf. Schedule a FREE consultation HERE

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Pet System

The Always Green Turf Pet System utilizes a five step process to drastically curtail odor issues by focusing on aeration, drainage, neutralization and of course beauty. Our customers love the new turf that we install. Each step of our turf system compliments the other to create the perfect combination for great looking and fresh smelling artificial grass. From our antibacterial Durafill, urine neutralizing ATD, UV stabilized Turf, perforated Drain Core to our non-toxic Turf Fresh, this system was designed to meet the needs of pet owners.

Whether you have one small pet or a whole family of large animals the Turf Core Drain System is exactly what you need.  Call us about our pet turf today. Also visit us on our yelp page to see what other customers are saying.

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